Wall & Door Mounted Mail Slots and Letter Drop Mailboxes

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Mail Slots and Letter Drops

Don’t worry about the weather. Have your mail delivered right inside your home! MailboxWorks carries weatherproof mail slot mailboxes that can be installed in a door or wall mounted. These door and through wall mail slots are designed for use as residential mailboxes and provide you with a safe and secure method for receiving your home mail without having to go outside. Some mail slots can also be utilized for various commercial mailbox applications.

Mail Slot & Letter Slot Mailbox Applications

In Europe, a wall mounted or door mail slot (called a letter box) is the most commonly used type of mailbox for receiving residential mail. In North America, where they are less common, mail slot mailboxes are great alternatives for elderly citizens who still live independently at home and for persons who have mobility issues. Many older heritage homes in the US also have a mail slot mailbox.

Door Mail Slot

Most residential doors are semi protected by an overhanging eave or porch cover so installing a door mail slot box keeps your mailbox protected from the elements. A door mail slot is very convenient and easily accessible for both you and your mail carrier.

Wall Mail Slot

Any of our mail slot mailboxes can also be installed as a recessed wall mail slot. The mail delivery chute allows your mail to be delivered through any wall of your home: safe, secure and convenient. Wall mounted mail slot mailboxes must be installed in appropriate locations so that it is easily accessible from both inside and outside the home. The wall letter slot mailbox with locking collection box is perfect for homes (and offices) that need a secure way to also receive packages when not home (or in the office).

Shop for USPS Approved Mail Slots

Choose an Auth Florence aluminum mail slot, a Streetscape executive mail slots, or a marine grade stainless steel European Home mail slot. All three are USPS approved for home mail delivery!

These meet USPS mail slot regulations and feature a spring-hinge for convenient mail delivery plus they help keep the cold outside with weatherproof stripping. Optional rear plates or wall liners offer a superior appearance.

Don’t forget about engraving! MailboxWorks can engrave the customary “US MAIL” or custom engrave the mail slot for additional personalization on the aluminum Auth Florence mail slot.

Ask Us About Mail Slots and Drop Mailboxes

Whether you are someone with mobility issues or you simply like the aesthetic look of a door or wall mail slot, these secure mail slot mailboxes provide a convenient way to have your mail delivered right to your door.

Mailboxworks’ Mail slot mailboxes for business are also common for office and commercial use.

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