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Neighborhoods full of the same mailboxes can be nice looking. However, there’s nothing wrong with adding your own personality to the block. Finding a unique mailbox among our collection is a great way to do just that.

Most of the mailboxes in this collection are built around a sturdy steel mailbox. Their designs are carved from a wood material or are hand-painted, depending on the manufacturer. Or perhaps they simply have a quirky style! Each mailbox undergoes its own type of weather-resistant sealing. As a result, your unique mailbox will last for years to come. No matter what tickles your fancy, we have a lot of memorable mailboxes to choose from!

More Than a Mailbox has tons of design options! Not only do they carry everything from an alligator to a dolphin, but they also have anything from a pink Cadillac to an old-fashioned train engine.

Pinehill Woodcraft’s Novelty Mailboxes are known for their fine details. Choose from a schoolhouse design, a civil war cannon, Noah’s Arc, a tour bus, or anything in between! You are sure to find a design to wow anyone.

Bacova Mailboxes specializes in hand-painted designs by professional artists. They carry floral designs as well as animal designs. There are beautiful landscapes. They even offer a pineapple design!

Our collection of unique mailboxes also features designs by QualArc, Bobi Mailboxes, River’s Edge, and more! Being particularly remarkable, special, or unusual can be a desirable trait. Let The MailboxWorks help you achieve that goal today.