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Hanging Address Plaques & Signs

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The MailboxWorks carries a good selection of hanging address plaques and signs. Our two-sided plaques and signs are made by top industry professionals at Stone Mill and Whitehall.

Whitehall Hanging Address Plaques – The classic, cast aluminum, Whitehall hanging address plaques are available in arched, oval, and round shapes. There are many background and letter color combinations to choose from. There is also an optional flat or rounded mount ladder rest bar available. Our customers find that this ladder rest bar makes mounting your sign easy.

Stone Mill Hanging Address Signs – Our hanging slate address plaques by The Stone Mill offer a little more customization. You can add your family name and street address to them. These rectangular plaques are made of natural slate and have durable enamel.

Stone Mill also offers a custom hanging address plaque that includes a carved design. You may choose from a cat, tree, or moose, as well as a horse, labrador, and more. Add an optional scroll mounting bracket to your plaque to make installation easy.

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