Letter, Door, Wall Mail Slot Mailboxes

The use of a door or wall mail slot for residential mail is more common in Europe than it is in North America. In Europe it is commonly called a letter box.

For people who cannot get to an outside mailbox such as a wall mounted mailbox, a door or wall mail slot could be a better alternative; especially elders or people with mobility problems that currently have walk up mail delivery. Be sure to check with your local post office first.

Horizontal mail slot Mailboxes are relatively inexpensive and can be installed on doors or through a wall.

Mail slots are easily accessible and provide a very secure way to receive your mail while remaining in the comfort of your home.

Auth Florence Letter DropAuth Florence Mail Slot

An affordable door mail slot can be very nostalgic looking and is one of the more accessible locations for receiving your mail.
Be sure to have your door mail slot installed at a reasonable height for yourself, as well as for the mail carrier.

This spring hinged aluminum mail slot by Auth Florence Manufacturing accepts standard sized mail and is designed for use in semi-protected environments. Avoid installing this mail slot in any area that will be directly exposed to the elements.

Optional mail slot accessories include a steel liner and back plate frame.

Auth Florence mail slot mailboxes can be custom engraved and you can choose from nearly a dozen different powder coat finishes including antique bronze, antique copper, black, gold and silver speck.

European Mail Slot

The European mail slot (or letter box) is the most common type of mailbox used throughout Europe.

In North America, European style mail slot mailboxes can be found on older homes and are also great options for elderly residents or people with disabilities or mobility problems.

This US made stainless steel modern mail slot with satin brush finish is very popular and includes a rear plate.

Streetscape Executive Mail SlotExecutive Mail Slot by Streetscape

Hand cut and hand made by US artisans, this rugged mail slot mailbox has a natural brass finish in polished antique patina and requires no maintenance.

Each mail slot is a truly unique piece with a finish that will age and darken gracefully over time.

This is a handmade wall mail slot by Streetscape and also includes a solid brass mail chute.

Mail Slot with Collection Box by Auth Florence

This is a complete wall mail slot system by Auth Florence and includes a spring hinged mail slot door, a “through wall” steel liner and a steel compartment mail collection box with aluminum frame.

Although designed for through the wall mail slot delivery, this system is best installed in a semi protected area so that it is not directly exposed to the elements.

Auth Florence mail slot mailboxes are available in anodized aluminum or powder coat finishes.

Mail Slot Sizes

When choosing a mail slot mailbox, you may want to consider the size of the mail slot you want to purchase to ensure that your carrier can fit larger pieces of mail through, such as magazines or small parcels.

Be sure to also consider the location you will be installing the mail slot to ensure the space and height requirements will work for both you and your mail carrier.

In general, a mail slot mailbox is far more secure than regular (non-locking) wall mount or curbside mailbox.

To avoid mail that is passed through a mail slot falling to the floor, one can purchase mail slot accessories like a mail slot basket or the Auth Florence mail slot with collection box, as indicated above.

Order Mail Slot Mailboxes Online

Mail slot mailboxes are convenient, secure solutions for mail delivery, especially for seniors and people with mobility issues.

Talk to us at Mailbox Works about personalizing your mail slot. Let us custom engrave “U.S. Mail”, your address or your name on your mail slot.

You can purchase Mail Slot Mailboxes online or for more information about our selection of mail slot products Contact Mailbox Works or call us toll free at 1-800-824-9985.