General Residential Mailbox Questions FAQ

Can I move my mailbox location?

Before moving your mailbox location, we highly recommend that you contact your local postmaster for approval. See here for more details.

How much do residential mailboxes cost?

Prices can vary depending on your preferences and can range anywhere from less than $30 up to hundreds of dollars.

Do I legally have to have a mailbox?

No, but we recommend it if you wish to receive mail.

Should I get a locking mailbox?

Although you are not required to buy a locking mailbox, we do highly recommend them to prevent mail theft.

What is the mailbox flag?

Here is a fun fact: although not in general use anymore, the mail carrier once relied on the mailbox flag to signal the recipient of delivered mail. Now, residents use the flag to alert the postal carrier of outgoing mail.

Can I receive packages in my mailbox?

With online shopping becoming ever more popular, the postal service now handles a lot more package deliveries. Also, more people work from home now than in times past. Today, many homeowners are upgrading to large mailboxes or secure drop boxes for residential use.