Cupolas by Whitehall and Good Directions

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Cupolas have been used since classical times to add function and distinction to buildings. Historically, cupolas were used to provide 360-degree watchtower views, plus ventilation and light. Today, is not uncommon to see cupolas mainly used as bases for weathervanes. You’ll find that our cupolas for sale will also add a distinction to your roof line.

Modern Cupolas

Garage cupolas, shed cupolas, and barn cupolas are often constructed mainly for ventilation and light; however, most residential cupolas for sale today serve primarily as architectural points of interest.

Choose the size of cupola you need based on the length of roof line you want to interrupt with the placement of the cupola. In general, roof vent cupolas are proportioned so that roughly one inch of the cupola base corresponds to one foot of roof line. In other words, a 30-foot unbroken roof line would look best with a cupola that has a base of 30 to 36 inches. For longer extensive roof lines, multiple cupolas can be used.

There are no set rules but most often, if an odd number of cupolas are used, the cupola in the center is usually larger to add more architectural interest to the roof line. When an even number of cupolas are used, they are typically all the same size.

Good Directions Manchester CupolaPrefabricated Vinyl Cupolas

Vinyl Cupolas for sale are prefabricated cupolas. Most often, copper is used for the roof of the vinyl cupola, as much for its durability as for its aesthetic beauty. Copper tends to look better with age and is a metal that works just as well in traditional architecture as with contemporary architecture.

Wooden Cupolas

Wood Cupolas for sale may have either a copper roof or a natural wooden roof and are ideal for mounting a weathervane. Not all wooden cupolas are square as in the Gazebo wood cupola pictured here.

Louvers Add Ventilation

Both vinyl cupolas and wood cupolas generally feature louvered slats that allow for air flow ventilation while keeping out the rain. In fact, for those considering adding an attic fan, a louvered cupola is a more attractive alternative that can also be made to provide attic ventilation if it is installed properly.

Cupola with WeathervaneCupolas & Weathervanes

Adding Weathervanes to cupolas can be a very attractive addition to your home.

Historically, weathervanes were used to indicate the direction of the wind. Today’s weathervanes are still functional but are more ornamental in nature. It’s not uncommon the find themed weathervanes on top of cupolas depicting everything from boats, farm animals and birds, to mythical creatures, trains, and Harleys.

While cupolas have often been used as bases for weather vanes, it is not uncommon to see them topped with a spire or other finial. Of course, unadorned cupolas are still quite common.

Since a cupola is a permanent addition to your home, and since its position on the roof makes it relatively inaccessible, you should choose from available cupolas that can stand up to the local weather conditions.

The cupola base and roof should be made of durable, low-maintenance materials. Many cupolas for sale are unfinished to allow homeowners to paint their cupolas to match the home. Be careful to use the proper primer and finish on you new cupola to ensure it is well protected and will last for many years.

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Cupolas have been used in architecture for thousands of years and have become universally accepted as functional structures that are also aesthetically pleasing. Adding a cupola to your home is a great way make your roof line more interesting and will add an extra expression of taste and style to your home.

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