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4C Horizontal Mailbox Applications

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has rigid guidelines when it comes to the standards for the construction of these versatile locking commercial 4C mailbox suites. All 4C horizontal mailboxes are extremely rugged and subject to installation requirements for maximum height and distance off the floor.

On October 2006, the USPS-STD-4C was implemented, which applies to all wall mounted commercial mailboxes for centralized mail distribution including those installed in urban and rural settings. Centralized mail delivery systems are highly efficient for mail delivery and collection offering better mail protection and providing easier access for both the tenants and the USPS mail carriers.

USPS Approved 4C Commercial Mailboxes

MailboxWorks offers several types of USPS approved, pre-configured 4C horizontal mailboxes by Auth Florence Manufacturing. You can mix and match 4C cluster mailbox modules to customize your centralized mail delivery system to meet your project needs.

Auth Florence 4C horizontal mailboxes are simple, easy to use and extremely versatile. They undergo stringent security testing by USPS and feature thick, vandal proof reinforced mail collection doors with one-piece extruded hinges that are designed to resist prying. They also include standard heavy-duty cam locks and at least one parcel locker for every ten commercial mailbox compartments.

For security and privacy reasons, and to better comply with accessibility regulations, The MailboxWorks also recommends your horizontal mailbox compartments be sequentially numbered.

4C Mailboxes Front Loading

Florence Manufacturing front loading 4C mailboxes feature all new tenant and parcel door sizes plus mail collection, as well as outgoing mail door slot options.

The modular design allows these Auth Florence horizontal mailboxes to be configured with up to 20 tenant doors per module. Plus, individual commercial mailbox compartments can be customized to include single, double, triple, quadruple and quintuple equivalent sized mailbox compartments.

Both front load and rear load 4C horizontal mailboxes are finished with weather resistant powder coating and are available in up to 10 different colors.

Auth Florence 4C cluster mailboxes are simple to customize and there are limitless layout options. You can choose from:

  • Five different mailbox door sizes
  • Plus 4 optional parcel door sizes
  • And five possible outgoing collection box sizes

4C Mailboxes Surface Mounted

If your project doesn't have the proper wall depth to recess mount your front loading 4C horizontal mailboxes then you can surface mount 4C mailboxes on the wall with a surface mount collar.

Surface mount mailbox collars include mounting hardware with hidden fasteners so your 4C horizontal mailboxes can be installed on any wall with conventional wood studs. Mailbox surface mount collars may also be installed into other surfaces using the appropriate hardware. The collars also feature a powder coat finish to match your 4C mailboxes.

4C Mailbox Installation Requirements

All Auth Florence 4C commercial mailboxes for sale are STD-4C compliant and USPS approved; they meet or exceed USPS standards. Each state or region may have their own accessibility regulations so The MailboxWorks recommends contacting your local post office to review the location of your new 4C horizontal mailboxes.

If you are unsure of the installation requirements for 4C mailboxes or need help configuring your order for your project, please ask for assistance and one of our commercial mailbox experts would be happy to assist you.

For free 4C horizontal mailboxes layout assistance, simply call us Toll Free at 1-800-824-9985 or complete our online mailbox contact form.

Browse our MailboxWorks Flickr photos for 4C horizontal mailboxes.

Commercial Versatile 4C Mailboxes

Both front loading and rear loading 4C horizontal mailboxes offer secure mail delivery solutions to apartments and multi-unit tenant buildings (commercial and residential) that are under property management and are USPS serviced. USPS approved 4C mailboxes may be installed inside or outside a building, recessed or surface mounted in a wall, or mounted in a kiosk. Rear loading 4C mailboxes require a secure mailroom for USPS carrier access to load the mail.
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