Lawn Address Markers and Plaques

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Lawn Address Markers and Plaques

The MailboxWorks’ lawn address markers are lawn signs modeled after some of our most popular house number plaques.

Made by Gaines Manufacturing and Whitehall Products, these decorative lawn address signs come in many sizes. They are available in numerous background and letter color combinations. Most house number lawn markers are made of brass or cast aluminum. Some also include a double line option allowing you to include your street name.

Whitehall Lawn Markers

Shop from our selection of Whitehall lawn address markers in all shapes and sizes. These shapes include oval and square as well as rectangular and arched. Whitehall makes a variety of finishes to make matching to your house easy. The Whitehall arch marker address plaque is one of our most popular designs!

Gaines Lawn Markers

Gaines lawn address markers are another popular option. They are made from high-quality die-cast aluminum and feature distinctive posts for easy mounting. Choose from a variety of color finishes and accents. You also have the option of 2-sided lawn markers!

Illuminated Lawn Address Markers & Plaques

Both Gaines and Whitehall Products make highly visible reflective safety address signs. And, to ensure your house address numbers are visible from both directions, consider our selection of double-sided lawn address markers.

For additional lighting, consider illuminating your lawn address markers or house number plaques with an optional solar lamp. Powered by the sun, the solar lamp turns on automatically at dusk and then turns off at dawn.

FAQs on Decorative Lawn Address Markers and Plaques

Where should house numbers be placed?

House address numbers are most visible when placed on the side of a curbside mailbox. If you have a wall mount mailbox, make sure your house numbers are well lit and visible on a lawn address sign or on the side of your home. The greater the distance from the road the larger your home address numbers will need to be.

How big should address numbers be?

Address numbers should be visible from the street. 3” house address numbers are legible up to 70 feet away. 5” house numbers are legible up to 132 feet away. For distances over 160 feet away, use 8” or larger home address numbers and lawn address signs.

Do you have to have house numbers on your house?

Most municipal ordinances stipulate that home address numbers must be clearly displayed; however, they don’t have to be installed on the home. As long as they are visible, address numbers can also be mounted on a lawn address sign, a mailbox, a mailbox post, or on a fence.

What color should house number be?

High contrast colors include black, white, red, and metallic colors. The color of your house address numbers doesn’t really matter but to ensure they are clearly visible; the color should greatly contrast with the background color where the house numbers are being mounted.

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There are so many unique choices for house address numbers and decorative lawn address signs. We are confident you will find what you are looking for here at The MailboxWorks!

For assistance in placing an order for any of MailboxWorks’ lawn address plaques please call us Toll-Free at (866) 717-4943. Or look for our online chat option!