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Antique doesn’t have to mean musty and decaying. Our collection of Antique Mailboxes provides a variety of old-fashion charm and functional beauty. Whether your country home needs that added touch to it’s quaint aesthetic or your urban business is in need of a new mailbox in a historic part of town, we at the MailboxWorks have you covered.

Sometimes antique has a certain style. The floral patterns on our Special Lite mailboxes in this collection remind us of treasured past design trends. But often giving your mailbox a vintage feel is as simple as the color and finish choice. Many of these mailboxes offer different antique color options.

The material a mailbox is made out of also plays a part. Copper and brass are often used in antiques. Both metals are naturally resistant to decomposition and form a layer of patina that protects it from environmental damage over time. This patina is both low-maintenance as well as enduring, giving your exterior design a gorgeous antique look that lasts. The Streetscape mailboxes in this collection are sure to check all of these boxes.

The thing we love most about antiques is that they can encompass such a wide array of styles depending on how far back into the past you’d like to travel.

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