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How To Buy A Mailbox

Residential Mailboxes

The first thing to know is whether you need a wall mount mailbox for walk up service or a post mount mailbox for curbside delivery. You can also use a post mount mailbox for walk up service if you install it near your house. Further more if you go with a post mount mailbox some are ground mounted and installed into concrete and some are surface mounted and can be bolted to existing concrete.

Once you know where your mailbox is being installed its time to pick a style of mailbox. Mailboxes coming in many styles from victorian all the way to modern. Finding a mailbox to fit your home's design is easy with our large selection of mailboxes.

All of our mailboxes come in a variety of finishes and accents. Of course you can pick any color you want but a good guideline for picking is trying to match your mailbox finish to some accent on your house. If you have nickel hardware then a good match would be a satin nickel mailbox. If you have green shutters then a green finish would be a good match.

The next option to consider is whether you want your mailbox to have a locking option or not. A locking mailbox is a great way to help defend against identity theft and a lot of mailboxes today coming locking or have an option to add a lock. If you see a mailbox that is locking but would prefer to be not be locking a thumb latch can be used to make it non locking.


Commercial Mailboxes

The first thing to determine is who is distributing mail to your mailboxes. Will the post office be distributing the mail directly to the boxes or will someone within the building be in charge of distributing the mail? All of our commercial mailboxes come prepped for a postal lock but they have the option to add a private master lock. Now some commercial mailboxes that are prepped for a postal lock still require postal approval. Be sure to get approval with your post office if the product requires it or if you are unsure.

Second, are you looking for mailboxes that will be installed into a wall or do you need commercial mailboxes with a pedestal? The pedestal style mailboxes are perfect for up to 16 tenants and are easily installed outdoors to concrete. The wall mount mailboxes can handle more tenants. If you don't have the wall space and depth for the wall mount units some units can be surface mounted.

Finally, how many total tenant doors do you need? This may be the biggest question of all since this will determined really what your options are. Not only should you be aware of how many doors you need but also how much space you have to put that amount of doors in.

Other things to think about include numbering options. Our commercial mailboxes can have custom numbering done. Address tags can be made or the numbering can even be engraved into the doors. Also our commercial mailboxes have a variety of door sizes and compartment configurations allowing you to have total customization of your product.

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