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Let our experts at the MailboxWorks find the perfect copper mailbox for your needs today! Copper is a highly sought-after building material for many reasons. It is a green metal; meaning it is one of the most recyclable and salvageable materials. These characteristics make it great for the environment! Copper is also very malleable, making it easy to bend, shape, texturized, and emboss with custom images. In addition to this, it is also lightweight and long-lasting. Copper products have been known to last for one hundred years!

Not only is copper a great building material, but it is also beautiful. Over time, copper will age into a gorgeous patina. Each piece will be unique because each piece ages differently. Your copper mailbox will be one-of-a-kind!

Contact us with any questions you may have! Let The MailboxWorks help you find the perfect mailbox for your home or business.