Knobloch Modern Mailboxes

Knobloch makes modern, high-end mailboxes for the classy homeowner! Their wall mount mailboxes offer high capacity as well as the security of a locking mailbox. Neither of these features takes away from the beautiful European design these mailboxes have. Each Knobloch stainless steel mailbox is USPS approved. Furthermore, they are manufactured to the strictest German engineered specifications.

Knobloch was founded in 1869 in Döbeln, Germany. The company began as a sheet metal and plumbing business. During the next 150 years, they grew in size. Meanwhile, they also evolved into a manufacturer of unique stainless steel products. Subsequently, today’s Knobloch mailboxes take on a very modern, cutting-edge design. Their stainless steel mailboxes are highly popular in European home exteriors. Get yourself one too!

There are many Knobloch mailbox styles to choose from. For example, you may choose from the Hollywood style, LA style, Phoenix style, Mailbox X style, Chicago style, or Dessau style.

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