Residential Mailboxes FAQ

How do I make sure my residential mailbox fits postal regulations?

Every post office has different regulations regarding the installation of your residential mailbox. You should contact your local post office to find out what the specifications are for your neighborhood. The height and distance regulations may vary from town to town. Mail carriers can refuse delivery if the residential mailbox opening is too short, too tall, or too far away. Some areas may not approve of added locking inserts if the mail slot cannot accommodate enough incoming mail.

What’s the difference between a ground mount post and a stand mount post?

A ground-mount post is a long post that is installed by partially burying it in the ground. A stand post is shorter and has a flat base so that it can be bolted to a cement pad surface.

What’s the difference between a Mailbox and a Drop Box?

Mailboxes are for postal delivery and most often have a space for your outgoing mail. Drop boxes are for incoming items only and are not marked “U.S. MAIL”. Drop boxes are perfect for use as a secure payment drop box, book drop, or night drop box. Shop through our drop boxes and collection boxes to find the perfect solution for you.

Where can I get mailbox replacement parts?

We carry residential mailbox replacement parts as well as commercial mailbox replacement parts. You will need to call to place your order as we do not offer all parts on our website.