Commercial Mailboxes FAQ

I need to get commercial mailboxes but where do I start?

There are 3 things to remember when ordering commercial mailboxes:
The first thing to determine is who is distributing mail to your commercial mailboxes. Will the post office be distributing the mail directly to the boxes or will someone within the building be in charge of distributing the mail?

Second, are you looking for commercial mailboxes that will be installed into a wall or do you need mailboxes with a pedestal?
Finally, how many total tenant doors do you need?

By answering these three questions you can save yourself hours of searching through items that don’t fit your needs. If you do not find the answers you need here, our mailbox specialists are available to assist you and answer any additional questions you may have.

How can I be sure I’m ordering the right commercial mailbox?

Understanding mailboxes and making sure you haven’t overlooked anything is hard. Let our mailbox specialists help you out! We can help you determine the commercial mailboxes that will best suit your needs, and we will be happy to provide dimensions and a full price quote.

What’s the difference between commercial mailboxes for postal use and private use?

Postal: Mailboxes or collection boxes that are for postal use are prepped for the Postal Master Lock. This lock is only available to the Post Office and allows your mail carrier to collect or distribute mail. Multi-tenant commercial mailboxes that require a USPS Postal Master Lock have a master door that allows your mail carrier to open one main door of the mailbox and distribute the mail to all your tenants at one time. Collection boxes that use a USPS Postal Master lock have a slot for you to drop off your outgoing mail for your mail carrier to pick up later.

Private: Commercial mailboxes that have a private lock can only be accessed by the owner of the box. Multi-tenant mailboxes for private distribution are most often used in offices or universities when the post office is not going to be accessing the mailboxes directly.

The commercial mailbox I want says it is only approved for replacement use. What does that mean?

In October 2006 USPS standard mailbox regulations for multi-tenant mailboxes were changed and must meet the security and configuration requirements of USPS STD-4C regulations. Some commercial mailboxes that are 4B+ compliant may be considered USPS approved if they are replacing existing mailboxes in an existing wall opening that will not be changed during renovations. We recommend getting postal approval for any 4B+ compliant commercial mailboxes before placing your order.

How do I get postal approval?

This mailbox FAQ can only provide general information. When products are for USPS access, contact your local post office regarding local approval and installation requirements before purchasing any commercial mailbox product. Mailboxes such as the USPS 4C STD Horizontal Mailboxes and the CBU Pedestal Mailboxes meet current postal specifications regarding security and configurations. Other commercial mailboxes that are 4B+ compliant may be used for postal distribution pending approval from your local post office.

I ordered a postal box, but where is the master lock?

The Postal Master Lock is only available to the post office. You will need to contact your local post office regarding the installation of the master lock in your new commercial mailbox.

Where can I get mailbox replacement parts?

We do carry replacement parts for the items we carry. You will need to call to place your order as we do not offer most parts on our website.

How are CBU cluster mailboxes mounted?

CBU cluster mailboxes can only be mounted on a pedestal and cannot be attached to a wall.

Can you put outgoing mail in a cluster mailbox?

Yes. Cluster mailboxes can be ordered with an outgoing mail slot.

Do cluster mailboxes come with a parcel locker?

Yes, by regulation, all cluster mailboxes with ten or more mailbox units must include a minimum of one parcel locker.

How secure are CBU mailboxes?

USPS approved CBU mailboxes are robotically welded, high security, tamper proof commercial mailboxes made from industrial grade aluminum. They are also weatherproof and come with tamper-proof heavy-duty cam locks so they are very secure.

Do commercial mailboxes come with installation instructions?

Yes, cluster mailbox installation instructions are available through the MailboxWorks. If you still have questions about cluster mailbox installation, please email customer care.

Do I need to buy my own anchor bolts?

Yes. Because installations may vary, anchor bolts are not supplied as per USPS regulations.

Do I have to have a parcel locker?

USPS requires that all commercial pedestal mailboxes have a parcel locker if there are ten mailboxes or more and the parcel lockers cannot be altered in any way.

Can I customize my tenant mailbox doors?

Yes. The USPS does allow you to add custom door decals or engraved characters (up to 12 characters per line – two lines maximum.)