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Commercial & Apartment Horizontal Mailboxes

USPS approved horizontal Commercial Mailboxes can be utilized for USPS mail delivery. Your local post office will install a USPS master lock and will be delivered to by a USPS employee. These postal delivery horizontal mailboxes were built to deter mail theft and offer the very best in mail security with such features as concealed hinges and tamper resistant master doors.

Commercial Horizontal Mailbox Applications

There are two primary types of horizontal mailboxes that can be purchased;

Front Loading Horizontal Mailboxes
Rear Loading Horizontal Mailboxes

Both front and rear loading horizontal mailboxes enjoy widespread use.

If you are unsure whether a front loading or a rear loading horizontal mailbox is the better option for your application please contact MailboxWorks Toll Free at 1-800-824-9985.

Commercial and Apartment Horizontal Mailboxes

Serviced by USPS, common applications where horizontal mailboxes can be found include:

  • Residential & Multi-Family Buildings
  • Condo and Apartment Complexes
  • Commercial & Industrial Complexes
  • Government & Military Facilities
  • Schools, Universities, Colleges & Dorms
  • Financial & High Security Institutions
  • Office & Medical Complexes
  • Plus Any Facility that Utilizes Centralized Mail Delivery

Horizontal Mailboxes for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Both indoor and outdoor mailboxes must provide the highest level of security for centralized mail delivery. Thanks to concealed hinges, tamper resistant master doors and heavy gauge aluminum construction approved by USPS, these horizontal mailboxes do exactly that.

Indoor horizontal mailboxes are designed for indoor recessed installation and feature either a front loading or rear loading design.

For outdoor installation and protection, take a look at our Florence Manufacturing Vario Shelters, designed specifically for use with 4C horizontal mailboxes.

MailboxWorks – Your Commercial and Horizontal Mailbox Suppliers

At MailboxWorks we strive to provide our customers with the lowest prices on the largest selection of horizontal mailboxes and other commercial mailboxes along with top-notch customer service.

For assistance in planning the layout of your horizontal mailbox unit or help placing your online order, please:

Call Toll Free: 1-800-824-9985

Email: MailboxWorks' Horizontal Mailbox Support

Contact: MailboxWorks Mailbox Experts

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