Residential Wall Mount Mailbox Installation: 4 Things to Consider

Residential Wall Mount MailboxesA wall mount mailbox installation can be relatively quick and easy, which is one of the most significant benefits of purchasing residential Wall Mount Mailboxes. And yet, although special skills are not required to know how to install a wall mount mailbox there are four things to consider that can greatly improve one’s satisfaction, no matter which wall mount mailbox one chooses to buy.

For homeowners that want the most satisfaction from their residential wall mount mailbox, the following four wall mount mailbox installation options will serve as a guide to locating the best place to mount your Residential Mailbox:

  1. Protected from Inclement Weather
  2. Viewable from a Window or Door
  3. Wall Mount Mailbox Installation Height
  4. Do You Need Local Postmaster Approval  to Install Wall Mount Mailbox

Protect Your Mailbox from Inclement Weather

First, one should consider where to install a wall mount mailbox so that the location provides protection from inclement weather conditions such as snow, rain, and strong winds. While many wall mount mailbox designs provide inherent features that protect the mail from the elements, none provide any way to protect your mail when removing it in the middle of a wind, rain or snow storm. And, if one has to stand in the wind or rain to get one’s mail, it won’t just be the mail that will be exposed to the elements. So, take a look at potential wall mount mailbox installation options and choose a location that is protected by a wall, alcove, overhang, or other architectural feature of your home.

Keep Your Mailbox Viewable from a Window or Door

Second, because many wall mount mailbox designs have window-type features that allow homeowners to see whether one’s mail has arrived, one should consider whether the wall mount mailbox itself is viewable from inside a nearby window, door, or peephole. While most wall mount mailboxes are not located far from front doors and it certainly isn’t much of a task to open the front door and check the mailbox, it’s still one of life’s simple conveniences to not have to bother with opening the door and stepping out onto the porch to see if the mail has arrived. Additionally, consider whether or not the wall mount mailbox viewing window is visible from the street or sidewalk as there is no sense broadcasting whether one’s mail has arrived to potential mail thieves.

Wall Mount Mailbox Installation Height

Third, because many wall mount mailboxes are located on porch areas or front door steps, consider the wall mount mailbox installation height from two perspectives;

  1. The mailbox height for the postal carrier
  2. The mailbox height for the homeowner

Some wall mount mailbox installation locations include steep steps where the mailbox is installed at a level that coordinates with the highest step to make it easiest for the homeowner. However, it’s also important to install wall mount mailboxes at a height that does not create a hardship for one’s postal carrier who may be reaching to deliver the mail from a lower step. So consider choosing a wall mount mailbox installation height that takes both users into consideration.

Does Your New Mailbox Location Need USPS Approval?

Fourth, if you want to install a wall mount mailbox in a new location (different from your current mailbox location), it is recommended that you first consult with your local postmaster to gain approval for the new location and to ensure that your mailbox installation complies with USPS regulations and rules.

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