Stone Mill Slate Address Plaques

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The Stone Mill

Based out of Manchester Connecticut, The Stone Mill produces beautiful slate address plaques and other home and garden accessories made from newly quarried American slate. Each Stone Mill slate address plaque is truly unique because of the inherent differences in the natural stone, and because each plaque and address sign is hand cut to size and hand carved. A durable exterior paint enamel and clear coat is applied to the plaque for years of wear.

Choose from a wide variety of Stone Mill slate address plaques in different shapes and styles. There’s the small horizontal or vertical cared slate address plaque, a larger oval, square or arch address plaque with street name, as well as the Private Drive and Welcome slate house signs.

The Stone Mill also makes hanging address plaque signs that can be incorporated into your driveway or landscape design. Please check specific Stone Mill product details to determine character limits and plaque dimensions. For more information about any Stone Mill slate address plaque or sign on our website please contact The MailboxWorks directly at (866) 717-4943. See our full line of house address plaques here.