Whitehall Multi Mount Mailboxes on Single or Dual Post

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Multi-Family Mailbox Options

Whether used as multi family mailboxes or multi tenant mailboxes, these multiple mount residential mailboxes can be ordered with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 mailboxes that rest on a single post or dual post setup. Along with the mailbox quantity, you can order multi mount mailboxes with additional functional and decorative mailbox features such as brass front plates, address numbers, decorative posts, and newspaper holders.

Multi Mount Mailboxes Applications

Decorative multi mount mailboxes (also called residential multi unit mailboxes) are a systematic approach for homeowner associations, developers, and builders when purchasing a neighborhood of post mount mailboxes. The National Multifamily Housing Council recently released a New Package Delivery Report that said experts expect e-commerce sales to jump from 9% of all US retail sales in 2017 up to as high 12.4% of all retail sales in 2020.

For secure package and mail delivery, consider the Mail Boss Package Master or the Oasis locking mailboxes that allow up to four large parcel delivery mailboxes to be grouped together on a single post. A deluxe post with finial can dress up the multi unit mailboxes quite nicely.

Mailbox Benefits

By mounting several post mount mailboxes on a single or double post, one not only significantly reduces the costs of adding mailbox posts but also reduces the labor costs involved in installing such posts.

Plus, multi mount mailboxes are environmentally sensitive as they allow the mail carrier to reduce emissions and fuel costs by delivering mail to many residents at a single stop. And in the neighborhood in which the multi unit mailboxes are installed, the simple addition of these grouped mailboxes means there’s a greater chance for community and friendships to develop as neighbors meet each other at their residential mailbox.

Other Mailbox Options

Most homeowner associations look to increase the appearance of the neighborhood (and thus increase property values as well) through the purchase of decorative multi mount mailboxes such as the Gaines decorative multi unit mailboxes, which allow up to five mailboxes to be placed along the rails of a dual post setup.

The appearance of these multiple mailbox units can be raised to deluxe levels with the addition of curved braces along the posts and individual mailbox address panels mounted beneath each multi mount mailbox. Locking functionality for each mailbox is also available.

Whitehall multi mount mailboxes are also mounted on dual posts with up to four mailboxes per dual-post, which can be further adorned with decorative post cuffs to hide unsightly concrete pours around the posts. Optional mailbox newspaper holders may be mounted beneath each resident’s mailbox and personalized front mailbox plaques make each residential mailbox unique.

The Coronado multi mount mailboxes are also an elegant solution for homeowner associations and are favorably received by the community’s residents. Plus, up to four multi unit mailboxes can be mounted on a single post providing significant installation and post cost savings.

For a fine, classic style in the neighborhood, consider the Gaines Classic multi mount mailboxes that are dual mounted on a single post.

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