Florence Mini Storage Lockers With No Master Access

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Mini-Storage Lockers with No Master Access

Browse “A” door mini storage lockers featuring storage compartments that measure 4″ wide by 5″ high and 6.4″ deep! With a variety of 7.5 inch mini storage locker configurations for sale at The MailboxWorks there is bound to be the perfect recessed storage unit for your purpose. Like all other Auth Florence mini storage units, these 7.5 inch mini storage lockers feature 5-pin cylinder cam locks and a durable anodized aluminum finish.

The following storage lockers for sale are all “no master key access”, which means you must open each storage compartment individually. These storage lockers are ideal for use in public and government buildings, or wherever guests and employees need to securely lock away their small personal belongings and valuables, including keys and wallets.