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Streetscape Manhattan Wall Mount Locking Mailboxes

  • Streetscape Manhattan Wall Mount Locking Mailboxes are handmade in the US.
  • Made from heavy gauge solid brass sheeting and bar stock, these locking mailboxes have a natural brass finish.
  • Each piece is hand cut and welded together, making it virtually impossible to pry apart by mail theft vandals.
  • Each locking mailbox is a work of art, with its own individual character.
  • When new, finishes have varying degrees of reds, browns, pinks and yellows.
  • Colors will darken and become more uniform as your maintenance free locking mailbox ages.
  • Order matching brass address numbers to complete the look.
  • The brass numbers are welded on so that they will be firmly attached for years to come.
  • At only 6 lbs. the lightweight Streetscape Manhattan Wall Mount Locking Mailbox comes complete with a locking mailbox insert, 2 keys and mounting installation hardware.
  • Please Note: When choosing an installation location select a place under an eave or overhang.
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Locking Version
Streetscape Manhattan Wall Mount Mailboxes Locking
Address Numbers
Manhattan Wall Mount Mailboxes Address Numbers
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Mailbox Details
Item Number:
  • Mailbox
  • Installation Hardware
  • Locking Door w/ 2 Keys
Locking Mailbox Locking Mailbox
  • Mailbox
  • 15"H x 11-1/4"W x 4-1/2"D
  • Slot On Locking Version
  • 9"W x 1"D
  • 6 lbs.
  • Streetscape Inc.
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