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Commercial Cluster Mailboxes for Sale

The most popular cluster mailboxes in use today are outdoor, USPS approved, pedestal mounted cluster mailboxes (aka cluster box units or CBU mailboxes) and are commonly utilized in residential complexes that have centralized mail delivery. The MailboxWorks carries a large selection of highly secure Florence cluster mailboxes in black, dark bronze, postal grey, or sandstone, and in 8 door, 12 door, 13 door, and 16 door configurations. We also carry outdoor Florence parcel lockers for sale and Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 Bommer mailboxes.

Commercial Cluster Mailbox Applications

These commercial cluster box mailboxes are ideal for use in apartment buildings and other multi family residential complexes. Freestanding cluster mailboxes also make a great commercial mailbox solution for many types of business applications including industrial and military complexes as well as college and university campus mailboxes.

Florence Cluster Mailboxes for New Construction

Florence cluster mailboxes are now the USPS standard for all commercial mailboxes. That means that all commercial mailbox manufacturers have to follow the same design standard as found in Auth Florence Manufacturing’s F-series cluster mailboxes.

You can buy USPS approved cluster mailboxes with 8, 12, 13, or 16 standard mailbox compartments. Additional features include:

• 1 outgoing mail compartment

• 1 or 2 parcel delivery compartments (depending on the unit)

• Mailbox pedestal post (with mounting hardware)

• 3 Keys per mailbox door

• Cluster box unit installation manual

See our cluster box units PDF guide for full features and options.

Florence Manufacturing CBU cluster mailboxes also come with great personalization options like powder coat paint finishes, custom engraving, and various decorative options to dress up the cluster box mailbox units. The Mailboxworks also provides a great selection of Florence cluster mailbox replacement parts.

Florence Outdoor Parcel Lockers

Florence parcel delivery lockers are designed for secure outdoor use and are utilized by many commercial businesses as well as on college and university campuses that receive large packages. The tough, scratch resistant, powder coat finish offers excellent protection, even in the most extreme weather conditions. Florence parcel lockers also feature welded construction and over-locking seams that not only meet all USPS standards but also help keep them vandal proof.

Bommer Cluster Mailboxes for Replacement & Private Use

Bommer mailboxes are pedestal cluster mailbox units that have been decertified by the USPS. Bommer mailboxes may only be used to replace existing pedestal mount cluster box mailbox units of the same style, if approved by your postmaster. Since Bommer Industries’ aluminum frames and doors provide ample security, this is a simple solution for quick mailbox replacement. Bommer Industries also markets these Bommer cluster mailboxes for private mail delivery and are available as:

1. Type 1 – 8 door cluster mailboxes

2. Type 2 – 12 door cluster mailboxes

3. Type 3 – 16 door cluster mailboxes

If you have older Bommer mailboxes and need parts, the Mailboxworks also offers a line of Bommer mailbox replacement parts for the 6700 series NDCBU mailboxes.

Buy Cluster Mailboxes Online

To learn more about our full line of cluster mailboxes for sale, or for help configuring what you need, contact our mailbox experts at The MailboxWorks today:

Call Toll Free: 1-800-824-9985

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cluster Mailbox FAQs

Can I mount my cluster mailboxes on a wall?

No. Florence Manufacturing has designed cluster mailboxes only as pedestal mounted mailboxes. If you do not mount your cluster mailbox units on the factory supplied mailbox pedestal it may VOID your manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to our Mailboxworks cluster mailboxes installation instructions.

The Mailboxworks also offers cluster mailbox installation services to clients that are located in and around the Greater Chicago area.

Do I have to notify USPS before I install my cluster mailboxes?

Yes. Only the United States Postal Service has the authority to dictate how and where your cluster mailboxes can be installed so always contact your local USPS office before installation.

How come the outgoing mailbox on my cluster mailboxes doesn’t have a lock?

These master locks are called “Arrow Locks” and can only be installed by the United States Postal Service (USPS).

How do I open the USPS parcel locker on my cluster mailboxes?

The parcel lockers on cluster mailboxes come with what is called a "captive lock." A captive lock is designed so that once a tenant inserts the parcel locker key; the tenant cannot remove the key. The key can only be removed by the USPS mail carrier on their next visit. If a tenant has a parcel delivery, the USPS carrier will place the parcel locker key and instructions inside the tenant mailbox. The tenant then uses the parcel locker key to retrieve their parcel and the key remains in the parcel locker lock until it is retrieved by the postal carrier.

The Mailboxworks also carries standalone outdoor parcel lockers for sale.

What if I need new locks for the cluster mailbox doors?

If your mailbox door keys are lost or stolen, or if your tenant moves out and you need new cluster mailbox locks, you can order them from The Mailboxworks by calling 1-800-824-9985 or contact us online.

Can cluster mailboxes be used for private mail delivery services?

Yes. For private mail delivery services your cluster mailboxes will need a private master conversion lock (CK25750) installed on the cluster box unit master door and on the unit’s parcel locker. Private master conversion locks (CK25750) can be ordered through The Mailboxworks.

Where can I order cluster mailbox replacement parts?

The Mailboxworks carries a variety of cluster mailbox replacement parts. Please call 1-800-824-9985 or send us an email to request the part you need.

Does The MailboxWorks sell used cluster mailboxes?

No. The MailboxWorks only stocks and sells new cluster mailboxes.

Quantity Discounts
8 Door USPS Approved
Cluster Mailboxes

Retail Price: $1,409.00
Our Sale Price: $1,221.99
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12 Door USPS Approved
Cluster Mailboxes

Retail Price: $1,439.00
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13 Door USPS Approved
Cluster Mailboxes

Retail Price: $1,479.00
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16 Door USPS Approved
Cluster Mailboxes

Retail Price: $1,499.00
Our Sale Price: $1,301.99
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Bommer Type 1 8 Door
Cluster Mailboxes

Retail Price: $1,039.00
Our Sale Price: $897.64
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Bommer Type 2 12 Door
Cluster Mailboxes

Retail Price: $1,139.00
Our Sale Price: $987.47
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Bommer Type 3 16 Door
Cluster Mailboxes

Retail Price: $1,299.00
Our Sale Price: $1,124.54
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Outdoor Parcel Locker
For Cluster Mailboxes

Retail Price: $1,299.00
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Mounting Hardware Kit
For Cluster Mailboxes

Retail Price: $49.00
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