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Antique Style Wall Mount
Victorian Mailboxes

The MailboxWorks carries unique residential Victorian mailboxes and antique style wall mount mailboxes crafted by some of the top residential mailbox manufacturers like Ecco mailboxes. With exceptional mailbox finishes like stone, brick, brass, bronze, antique copper, white, pewter black and even patina, you are sure to find a mailbox color that’s perfect for your home.

Victorian Mailbox Applications

Victorian wall mount mailboxes, which are often referred to as antique wall mount mailboxes, provide a great finishing touch of detail to fine homes and residences.

All our Victorian mailboxes have fine detailing and many models are available with locking functionality to provide a deterrent against mail theft. For homeowners who do not require keyed locks, a thumb-latch can be substituted.

3 Victorian Mailbox Options

The MailboxWorks carries three distinctly Victorian mailbox styles including:

  1. The subtle detailing on the Victorian Vertical Mailbox
  2. The exquisite fine detailing of the Victorian Locking Wall Mount Mailbox
  3. And the Ecco 6 Locking Mailbox

All three distinctly Victorian wall mount mailboxes are constructed of high-quality, rust-free cast aluminum, which will weather the elements for years to come. Plus, the palette of colors and finishes for these Victorian wall mount mailboxes ensure a great match with nearly any Victorian style home.

Colonial & Arts and Crafts Mailboxes

In addition to the Victorian wall mount mailboxes, The MailboxWorks also carries Colonial wall mount mailboxes and “Arts and Crafts” style wall mount mailboxes.  The Colonial locking wall mount mailbox features a high security heavy duty lock and a small peek window to let the homeowner know when mail has arrived (without having to open the mailbox). 

Ecco Mailboxes

The Ecco 7 wall mount mailboxes provide a stunning accent for the arts and crafts architectural style home and feature translucent windows that allow the homeowner to check if mail has arrived. Ecco 7 antique style mailboxes are available with matching address numbers with unique standoff mounts. Both are available in a wide variety of fine finishes sure to put the finishing touch on any residence.

Ask Us about Antique Style & Victorian Mailboxes

Regardless of which mailbox choice you make, you’ll rest securely when you purchase Victorian wall mount mailboxes from the nation’s largest retailer of wall mount mailboxes, The MailboxWorks. We’ve been helping homeowners find the perfect residential mailboxes since 1989.

For free, expert assistance in choosing the perfect wall mount Victorian mailbox or antique style mailbox for your home, please click on the live assistance button at the top right of this website or:

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Victorian Locking
Wall Mount Mailboxes

Retail Price: $139.00
Our Sale Price: $119.00
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Ecco 6 Locking
Wall Mount Mailbox

Retail Price: $137.00
Our Sale Price: $119.00
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Colonial Locking
Wall Mount Mailboxes

Retail Price: $119.00
Our Sale Price: $97.00
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Victoria Vertical
Wall Mount Mailboxes

Retail Price: $139.00
Our Sale Price: $122.00
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Ecco 7 Antique Wall Mount Mailboxes
Ecco 7 Series
Wall Mount Mailboxes

Retail Price: $199.00
Our Sale Price: $167.00
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Residential Antique Victorian Wall Mount Mailboxes
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