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Residential Mail Drop Mailboxes, Letter Slots & Mail Vaults

Shop here for unique mail vaults, mail drops and wall mount letter slots designed specifically for use as residential wall mount mailboxes. Check out our Streetscape Courtyard or Streetscape Gateway recessed mailboxes or stylish through-door (or through wall) letter slots like the Streetscape Executive mail slot.

Mail Drop Mailbox Applications

Letter slots, though the wall mailboxes and mailbox vaults (recessed mailboxes) are often purchased for their simplicity and security but there are distinctive differences between these residential mailboxes, as outlined below.

Wall Mount Letter Slots

Residential letter slots (often referred to as mail slots) fit snugly into a horizontal slot in one’s door or exterior wall to provide a weather-resistant flap over the slot that functions as the mail delivery receptacle. For homeowners requiring exterior finishing only, the Streetscape Executive mail slot provides a front flap and mail chute that allows residential mail to slide through the door or wall. For homeowners concerned about the interior finishes of the mail chute, both the stainless steel mail slot and stainless steel letter plate have an rear plate that dresses up the incoming mail chute. 

Through the Wall Mailboxes

Though the wall residential mailboxes provide a collection receptacle on the interior side of the mail slot so that homeowners don’t have to stoop to pick up daily mail that may scatter inside when delivered. Dea’s Garden through the wall mailboxes feature a dial lock on the interior collection side of the residential wall mount mailbox to ensure only those with the proper code pick up the mail.

Letter Slot & Locking Collection Box

The letter slot with locking collection box system and package receiving wall mount systems take mail collection functionality one step further by providing keyed-only access for mail collection. The letter slot with locking wall mount collection box features a standard size mail slot for the mail carrier on the exterior wall but a large interior collection box for the homeowner on the interior side. 

Mail Vaults

The dVault locking wall mount mailbox expands the mail delivery options to package delivery as well with a larger mail delivery door and all-in-one design that mounts from the inside of the wall and protrudes through the wall with a large collection door for the mail carrier. Inside, the homeowner can collect several days of mail with the 12.75" wide by 22" high mail holding compartment. Additionally, the mail compartment has a convenient mail window for the homeowner to check whether mail delivery has taken place without having to unlock the container.

3 Recessed Mailbox Options

The MailboxWorks offers three types of recessed residential mailboxes:

  1. The Streetscape Courtyard recessed mailbox
  2. The Manchester Decorative mailbox
  3. The Gaines Classic Faceplate mailboxes

These are great residential mailbox options for wall mount mailboxes and mail drop installations

Designed to be installed into a wall or inset into a column, these three residential mailbox options differ from the wall mount mail slots and through the wall mailboxes in that the homeowner retrieves the mail from the same side as the postal carrier that delivers the mail.

All three residential mailbox models are offered with locking functionality and the Streetscape and Manchester residential mailbox models also have address plaque options. The Manchester decorative column mount mailboxes can even be ordered with a newspaper holder accessory.

Ask Us About Mail Vaults
Letter Slots and Through the Wall Mailboxes

For free, top-notch assistance in choosing the best letter slots, though the wall mailboxes or residential mailbox vaults for your project, please click the live online assistance button at the top right of this website or:

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Streetscape Courtyard
Recessed Mailbox

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Our Sale Price: $334.00
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Manchester Decorative
Column Mount Mailboxes

Retail Price: $333.00
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Stainless Steel
Mail Slot

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Streetscape Gateway
Recessed Mailbox

Retail Price: $299.00
Our Sale Price: $249.00
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Classic Faceplate
Locking Mailboxes

Retail Price: $342.00
Our Sale Price: $299.47
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Streetscape Executive
Mail Slot

Retail Price: $179.00
Our Sale Price: $157.00
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Stainless Steel
Letter Plate

Retail Price: $179.00
Our Sale Price: $157.00
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Letter Slot with
Locking Collection Box System

Retail Price: $359.00
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Package Receiving
Wall Mounted System

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Retail Price: $579.00
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Wall Mount Mailboxes
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