Locking Mailboxes for Sale

Walk up mail delivery is still the preferred way to receive your mail. It’s convenient yes, but there’s something nostalgic about it as well.

Unfortunately, mail and identity theft has become a part of our modern life. To keep your mail safe and private, Mailbox Works has locking mailboxes for sale including post mount, curbside locking mailboxes and locking wall mount mailboxes.

Special Lite Classic Locking MailboxesResidential Locking Mailboxes – Post Mount

Most residential mailbox manufacturers like Auth Florence Manufacturing, Gaines and Whitehall, manufacture locking residential mailboxes for private use. The classic looking pedestal mailboxes and the more traditional post mount locking mailboxes are still very popular.

Here are a couple examples of our curbside, post mount residential locking mailboxes that can add instant curb appeal to your home.

Classic Locking Mailbox with Post
Victorian Pedestal Locking Mailbox

Residential Locking Mailboxes – Wall Mount

A locking wall mount mailbox located just outside your front door will not only keep your mail safe but also help you avoid having to brave the elements to receive your mail.

There are plenty of classic, decorative and contemporary locking wall mount mailboxes to choose from as well including:

Soho Wall Mount Locking Mailbox
Peninsula Wall Mount Locking Mailbox

Mailbox Works even carries locking townhouse wall mount mailbox options.

Gaines Keystone Locking InsertLocking Mailbox Insert

Most early mailboxes were not locking mailboxes. In older established communities where many heritage homes have traditional curbside mailboxes or older wall mount mailboxes, most are non-locking.

If you have a Gaines Keystone mailbox, Gaines makes a very good Locking Mailbox Insert for their standard mailboxes, designed to keep your mail secure and safe.

Mailbox Works also carries Column Mount Locking Mailboxes and wall mount mailbox inserts like the Optional Locking Mailbox Insert for the Gaines Maple Leaf wall mount mailbox.

Locking Mailboxes Commercial

Many people today work from home. For a successful home business however, a residential locking mailbox may simply not be sufficient. Consider installing a commercial locking waterproof mailbox such as:

Auth Florence 4C Locking Mailboxes
Oasis Locking Drop Box with Post
Curbside Locking Mailbox

Ask Us About Locking Mailboxes

The United States Postal Service (USPS) first started approving locking mailboxes back in 2001.Today most residential mailboxes are available as locking mailboxes or come with optional locking mailbox inserts.

Ask us about locking mailboxes for sale or our available locking mailbox inserts.

For more information about Mailboxes or our locking mailbox options, or for help with any of our mailbox products, Contact Mailbox Works or call toll free at 1-800-824-9985.