Mailboxes for Sale – Residential & Commercial

Mailbox History

In America, free mail delivery began as early 1863 for cities and towns (1896 for rural addresses). The first freestanding mail collection box didn’t come along until 1894 and by then, most delivery mailboxes were very utilitarian and fashioned by the homeowners themselves. It wasn’t until 1915 that an engineer and postal clerk named Roy J. Joroleman created the first tunnel-shaped mailbox, a mailbox design that has remained a standard even to this day.

Contemporary Mailboxes

Modern mailboxes have come a long way and transcend the simple purpose of simply collecting mail. Today’s decorative mailboxes now also serve to compliment the overall style and architecture of the home including:

As well, you can now buy home mailboxes in a variety of mounting options including:

Decorative Residential Mailboxes for Sale

The MailboxWorks offers a huge selection of non-locking and locking residential, decorative mailboxes for sale by some of today’s top mailbox manufacturers and designers. From our inventory you can choose to buy just a post mount mailbox or buy a mailbox and post package. We also carry column, pedestal, and wall mounted mailboxes along with through-wall (or through-door) mailbox slots. Whether you want to buy a modern stainless steel mailbox, a brass mailbox, a copper mailbox, a wooden cedar mailbox, or a novelty mailbox, you’ll find what you are looking for in our residential mailboxes section.

Commercial Mailboxes for Sale

The MailboxWorks’ online mailboxes store also offers a wide selection of commercial mailboxes including Florence cluster mailboxes, which have become the United States Postal Service (USPS) standard. Whether you require secure mailboxes for apartments, or commercial mailboxes for your business, college, or university (or for military or government complex installations), we have what you need. Commercial mailbox options include recessed and surface mounted mailboxes, vertical and horizontal mailboxes, mail drop collection boxes, cell phone storage lockers, key keepers, and even private distribution mailboxes.

Designer Mailboxes for Sale – Top Brands

Residential Mailbox Manufacturers – At The Mailboxworks, you’ll find residential mailboxes for sale by many of today’s leading mailbox manufacturers including Gaines, Whitehall, HouseArt, Ecco, Imperial, European Home, Mail Boss, Streetscape, Bacova, Amco, America’s Finest, and Architectural Mailboxes, among others.

Commercial Mailbox Manufacturers – The Mailboxworks also carries commercial mailboxes for sale by many of today’s leading mailbox manufacturers including Salisbury, Bommer, and Florence Manufacturing mailboxes.

Buy Mailboxes Online or at Mailboxworks

The Mailboxworks’ mailbox showroom is located just outside of Chicago, Illinois at 151-1743 Quincy Avenue in Naperville.

We welcome you to drop in anytime to browse through our mailbox inventory. We carry most of the mailboxes listed on our website as part of our inventory, as well as a wide selection of home and garden products and mailbox address plaques and house numbers.

Drop in and talk to our mailbox experts if you have any questions about buying residential mailboxes or commercial mailboxes. You can also reach us by calling toll free at 1-800-824-9985, by sending us an email, or by filling out our online Contact Form.

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