The Luxer One Package Delivery System

Smart Lockers for Multi-Family & Commercial Complexes

The Luxer One package locker is an automated smart locker system designed for non-gated multi-family residences, retail stores, and commercial complexes that do not have a front desk or lobby. With the Luxer One package delivery system, the carrier can deliver packages safely and securely. Luxer One lockers also allow property managers to accept packages on behalf of their residents.

In the past, if tenants were not available at the time of package delivery, most carriers would be forced to leave packages unprotected. Or, they would have to leave a note to tell the tenant that their package could not be delivered, which necessitated arranging a scheduled pick-up.

Thanks to the cutting edge technology of the Luxer One package delivery system, package theft and scheduled pickups for packages can now be things of the past!

How Do Luxer One Package Lockers Work?

Secure package delivery is easy with the Luxer One smart locker system.

  1. Using the Luxer One app (through Apple), the carrier is able to electronically access the correct locker size and check-in the delivered packages. Lockers are not assigned to tenants. The assigned locker will depend on the package size and available lockers at the time of delivery.
  2. Each tenant is then automatically notified by text or email with the locker number and pin access code. The packages remain safe within the secure locker until the tenant retrieves them.
  3. All package deliveries can be delivered safely and securely, and also be easily tracked and accounted for through the package tracking and automatic notification system.

Recent statistics reveal that more than 85% of North Americans are now shopping online, which has significantly increased the number of package deliveries that property managers have to deal with. Luxer One package lockers help to minimize the involvement of the property manager. The smart locker system safely delivers packages to the building’s tenants.

The Luxer One App

Once a tenant has registered with the Luxer One package delivery system, their package can be promptly and safely delivered with the help of the Luxer One App. All Luxer One software, hardware, and electronics are completely proprietary, have UL certification, and are OSHA and ASO9001 compliant.

Package orders will still be shipped through the customer’s normal mailing address. Using the Luxer One App, the carrier simply scans the package before placing it in the secure Luxer One locker. The registered tenant is then automatically notified by text or email that their package is available for pick up at the Luxer One package lockers. Using the touch screen operating system, the tenant can then enter the supplied locker number and access pin code to retrieve their package.

Smart Lockers – Smart Delivery

Both Amazon and USPS have been using electronic smart lockers for a number of years for safe and secure package delivery. Unlike these proprietary package delivery systems, Luxer One smart lockers are able to accept secure package delivery from all carriers.

Luxer One lockers also utilize security cameras and the package delivery system is equipped to accept signatures for any package that requires the signature of the recipient. If a tenant isn’t registered with Luxer One, or if there is an error on the package information, the package can still be delivered through the manager’s “house account.” The Luxer One package delivery system also includes a 7-day return policy plus comprehensive software, hardware, and customer support.

Luxer One Cost

The upfront cost for the Luxer One package delivery system can be recuperated over time. Property managers may elect to charge tenants a one-time registration fee plus monthly service fees for package deliveries that exceed a certain volume. You may also want to charge storage fees for any packages that are not picked up within a certain number of days, especially during certain holidays when package volumes can be a lot higher.

Luxer One Locker Features

Luxer One smart lockers are extremely well constructed from 100% American steel. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and the locks are powered by Apple technology. Features include 18 to 7-gauge metal construction, a built-in security camera, a barcode reader, and an uninterruptable power supply. This means that Luxer One smart lockers can be accessible 24/7 by tenants and delivery personnel.

Luxer One’s modular locker design is also easily configurable and scalable. Even the installation can be customized for your space. The commercial-grade touchscreen dashboard for Luxer One is also intuitive and can generate rich delivery history data reports.

Where to Purchase Luxer One Package Lockers

The MailboxWorks does not offer Luxer Lockers or products for sale. To learn more about how to acquire Luxer products, visit our commercial mailboxes partner here.

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