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Commercial Vario Depot 4C Horizontal Mailboxes Applications

Florence Manufacturing is the leader in commercial mailboxes and USPS approved apartment mailbox options.

The most common use for these top selling Vario Depot mailbox stands is when little to no installation is desired or when no wall space is available. Quick and easy to install, these commercial mailboxes can be put to use upon delivery.

Front Loading Vario Depot Stands

The design of their stand alone Vario depot mailbox stands ensures that no matter what configuration is installed, the front loading versatile 4C mailbox suites will comply with all USPS STD-4C installation requirements.

All the necessary hardware (with the exception of the anchoring system) is included and the Vario stand alone mailbox stand is available in 8 architectural powder coat finishes.

Stand Alone Vario Depot Mail Stand Features

MailboxWorks Mailboxes stands behind all of its Vario Depot mailbox stands; we are confident that you will benefit from many of its inherent outstanding features:

  • Install the 4C Mailbox stand indoors or outdoors
  • Secure tenant compartment lock design
  • Corrosion and weather resistant
  • Easy to install anywhere – no wall space required
  • Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any commercial 4C mailbox layout

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4C Commercial Vario Depot Mailbox Stands

Florence Manufacturing’s Vario Depot mailbox stands are pre-engineered stand alone mailbox stands, designed exclusively for the USPS approved Versatile 4C Mailbox Suites. These mailbox kiosks do not require any wall space and are ideal for the multi tenant indoor installation of Apartment Mailboxes or for outdoor installation of Commercial Mailboxes. Vario Depot mailbox stands are designed to meet the mail delivery and collection needs of front loading configurable 4C mailboxes. They can also be used for USPS approved 4C trash and recycling bin options (please inquire).
1 to 7 Tenant Doors
4C Mailboxes with Vario Depots

51 Products
Starting Price: $702.55
8 to 15 Tenant Doors
4C Mailboxes with Vario Depots

39 Products
Starting Price: $1,158.38
16 to 29 Tenant Doors
4C Mailboxes with Vario Depots

16 Products
Starting Price: $1,734.09

Parcel Lockers
4C Mailboxes with Vario Depots

25 Products
Starting Price: $725.90
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