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Commercial & Apartment Vertical Mailboxes

MailboxWorks’ line of Florence standard vertical mailboxes offers a replacement solution for apartment vertical mailboxes and multiple tenant building mailboxes. The added security measures in these locking commercial mailboxes help protect the resident’s privacy. Secure Auth Florence Vertical mailboxes can be installed indoors or outdoors in a weather protected area. The USPS 4B+ security kit is standard and features a reinforced master door with a 5-pin cylinder lock.

Commercial & Residential Vertical Mailbox Applications

USPS approved Auth Florence vertical mailboxes are flexible and provide a number of options to suit any residential building, industrial complex or other facility with centralized mail delivery looking for replacement mailboxes.

Front Loading Vertical Mailbox Features

  • Standard or Double Wide Doors
  • Variety of Finishing Colors
  • Built In or Separate Collection Box
  • Recessed or Semi-Recessed Installation
  • Optional Doorbell Installation

Indoor vs Outdoor Vertical Mailboxes

Although they are not really made for outdoor use, USPS approved vertical mailboxes by Florence Manufacturing are manufactured from steel and extruded aluminum so some customers do utilize them for outdoor mail delivery.

Talk to Our Mailbox Experts about Vertical Mailbox Solutions

When ordering replacement vertical mailboxes online from The MailboxWorks, remember that we also carry chimes, peepholes, key keepers, collection boxes and name tags (or address tags) for vertical mailboxes.

The MailboxWorks specializes in anything to do with residential and commercial mailboxes. Contact our mailbox experts to get started on designing the layout of your multi-unit or apartment vertical mailbox suite:

PLEASE NOTE: USPS authorizes the use of Florence Manufacturing Vertical Mailboxes for replacement use only. New buildings and major renovation projects are required to install USPS approved Auth Florence 4C mailboxes.

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