Modern Brilliance of Knobloch Mailbox Designs

July 4, 2019 10:20 am

Knobloch Hollywood Red Wall Mount MailboxRecognized throughout Europe as the leader in contemporary wall mount mailboxes, Knobloch mailbox designs are growing in popularity. They now provide discerning, style-conscious North Americans the extraordinary opportunity to put an exclamation mark on their contemporary home’s exterior. These unique wall mount mailboxes define today’s modern contemporary style.

And what an exclamation these beautiful Knobloch mailbox designs are!

Designed and crafted through the cooperation of a century-old family business (founded in 1869 by Max Knobloch) and the modern design brilliance of Wolfgang Beiler-Schlehaider, this brilliant group of nearly fifty German engineers have created some of the most attractive modern residential mailboxes available today.

Knobloch modern mailboxes, available at The MailboxWorks, are generously sized to accommodate multiple days of mail as well as large magazines.

Constructed of galvanized steel and aluminum, the Knobloch mailbox is built for the long run and does an excellent job of resisting corrosion, even in the most difficult North American weather conditions.

All locking Knobloch mailbox designs are engineered to help prevent identity theft and mail theft through the employment of secure stainless steel locking mechanisms.  Two mailbox keys are provided for convenience.

While Knobloch mailboxes certainly provide convenience and utilitarian features that assist homeowners every day, their most obvious feature is their contemporary modern mailbox design.

From the eye-catching Hollywood Red Knobloch mailboxes to the subtle yet uber-popular grey that is utilized on three of it’s most popular designs (the Hollywood Gray, the Knobloch Phoenix – with an array of twenty-five elegantly spaced square holes; and the Knobloch Dessau – with the sleek, curved front panel), Knobloch mailboxes exude modern style.

Leading the movement to stainless steel design, Knobloch stainless steel mailboxes feature three distinct stainless steel mailboxes:

  1. The top-lidded Knobloch LA mailboxes.
  2. The X model Knobloch mailbox with the ever-convenient see-through vertical slot that provides an at-a-glance signal that the mail has been delivered
  3. And the simple Chicago style white Knobloch mailbox with side-mount door, that is also available in stainless steel.

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