The Best Mailboxes of 2022: Featuring Whitehall Mailboxes

January 19, 2022 1:00 pm

It is a new year! A new year means a new start. And your home or business could use a refreshing new look. Swapping out an old mailbox with a brand new, high-quality one is a simple way to give your property’s facade a facelift. The MailboxWorks carries one of the best selections of mailboxes. We make it a point to never work with any sub-par brands. Whitehall is our partner due to their great customer service and amazing products. Here, we highlight two of our favorite Whitehall mailboxes: The Balmoral mailbox and the Capitol mailbox. You will agree that these mailboxes are two of the best mailboxes of 2022.

The Balmoral Mailbox

The Bones

The Balmoral is a fine-looking and full-service mailbox. It has a lot of parts to mix and match. It comes in three colors; Black, bronze, and white. Each color comes with gold accents. The durable, aluminum construction is powder-coated with a unique, Alumi-Shield finish. The patented finish adds an extra layer of protection against bad weather and everyday wear and tear. The triple-layer of armor is one reason Whitehall offers a limited lifetime warranty. They trust their product should not need repair for its whole lifespan, giving you a lot of bang for your buck.

Whitehall Balmoral Deluxe Mailbox Package Black

The Options

The Balmoral mailbox is an attractive twist on the usual post-mount mailbox. A standard rectangular shape acts as the foundation for a lovely, arched roof. Under the roof on the front door are two decorative columns, an elegant knob pull, and a pretty wainscotting pattern. The wainscotting leaves space for an optional, personalized monogram. Both sides of the mailbox allow for address panels. Customers can choose to add an address panel to either one or both sides. These stately address plaques allow up to five 3″ tall house numbers on the top line, and up to 16 1.25″ tall characters on the bottom line. The Balmoral delux post mounts the mailbox on its front. The post has a classic finial on the top. Add a post cuff at the base of the post and a scrolling plant hanger off the back of the post for a gorgeous total package.

The Capacity

One of the best mailboxes should go hand in hand with one of the bigger mailbox sizes. That is true for this mailbox! The Balmoral is larger than the standard mailbox. It measures 13″ tall, 13.7″ wide, and 21.25″ deep. That gives you over 2.2 cubic feet of space inside. This space is essential for avoiding folded and rumpled mail, magazines, and smaller packages.

The Capitol Mailbox

The Bones

Also known as the Whitehall Custom mailbox, the Capitol post-mounted mailbox is another fantastic postbox. It has even more parts to mix and match than the Balmoral, giving you the ability to make your new mailbox 100% yours. It comes in five color combinations; Black with gold accents, black with silver accents, bronze with gold accents, green with gold accents, and white with gold accents. That the black with silver accent color choice still has a gold signal flag. Each color pairing is powder-coated and finished with Whitehall’s patented Alumi-Shield technology. This tech keeps their products looking brand new for decades.

Whitehall Ultimate Mailbox Package Black Silver

The Options

The rust-free aluminum base is the typical rectangular postbox shape. Aside from that, there is nothing else typical about this product. The roof of the postbox is seamlessly domed and supported (in looks only) by a set of stylish columns on either side of the door face. The door face has a nice, textured finish with a top-mounted, miniature ball finial door pull. There is an optional front door address plaque that can hold up to five 1.75″ numbers. The textured finish on the front door is mirrored on the postbox’s two side panels. Customers can choose to add address plaques to either one or both side panels. The top line of the address plaques holds up to five 3″ tall numbers. The bottom line of the plaque holds up to 16 1.25″ characters.

All posts for this mailbox sit over a 4×4 wooden post. This characteristic makes this product optimal for mobility. Another reason this postbox is a great investment is that you can take it with you if you move! Whitehall offers the option to swap out each of the three address plaques and update them with your new location. There are three options for these mailbox posts. One post is set up to top-mount the postbox. Two are set up to front-mount the postbox atop a handsome scroll; one comes with a pyramid-shaped cap topper, and the other comes with a ball finial topper. The ball finial is a nice compliment to the smaller door pull finial, tying the whole outfit together. Add a decorative post cuff, a newspaper box, and a personalized mailbox topper for a completed look.

The Capacity

These postboxes are slightly smaller than the Balmoral. They measure in at 13″ tall, 9.6″ wide, and 20.4″ deep. Do not be fooled, however. There is still plenty of space to keep your magazines laying flat and uncrumpled. These premium postboxes hold many days’ worth of mail, catalogs, and small packages.

Ask the Experts

We carry a large selection of post-mount mailboxes made by Whitehall and many more trusted brands. We are happy to help you find exactly what you need. The experts at Mailboxworks are here for you. Contact us with any questions today.

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