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Apartment Mailboxes for Sale

Mailbox Works offers a great selection of CBU apartment mailboxes for sale plus front and rear loading 4C apartment mailboxes, vertical apartment mailboxes for smaller apartment buildings and horizontal apartment mailboxes for commercial and residential use.

If your project is an apartment or condo complex or any type of residential or commercial multi-tenant building that requires a centralized mail distribution center, check out our extensive inventory of USPS approved Apartment Mailboxes for sale.

CBU Apartment Mailboxes

Auth Florence 12 Door CBU MailboxWe carry CBU (cluster box unit) apartment mailboxes by Auth Florence Manufacturing, North America’s leading supplier of secure residential and Commercial Mailboxes.

USPS approved CBU apartment mailboxes are highly secure locking mailboxes that meet or exceed USPS standards, making them ideal for centralized mail delivery.

Along with installation in multi-family residential complexes, CBU apartment cluster box units are also commonly found in business and industrial complexes that require apartment mailbox systems.

CBU apartment mailboxes are installed with a Postal Master lock for USPS mail delivery.  

Front Loading 4C Apartment Mailboxes

Auth Florence USPS 4C Standard Commercial Mailbox Suite FIt is mandatory for all new commercial construction requiring centralized USPS mail delivery plus any commercial building or multi-tenant apartment complex undergoing major renovations that have centralized USPS mail delivery to install 4C horizontal mailboxes.

Front loading 4C apartment mailboxes by Auth Florence Manufacturing are USPS approved and meet height and postal carrier accessibility requirements.

4C multi-tenant apartment mailboxes can be utilized for private mail distribution in places like college and university mail rooms or some office situations, however the front master doors on 4C apartment mailboxes are designed for fitting with a USPS master postal lock for USPS carrier access and service.

Rear Loading 4C Apartment Mailboxes

Auth Florence Rear Loading USPS STD-4C Horizontal MailboxesAuth Florence rear loading 4C apartment mailboxes have a hinged rear door so that businesses and other multi-tenant complexes with a private mail distribution system can gain access from a secure mail room.

All USPS approved Auth Florence 4C apartment mailboxes are manufactured with a modular design so centralized mail distribution centers can easily be configured for virtually any project. Even the mailbox compartment sizes are modular so individual mailboxes can be customized in numerous door sizes.

These apartment mailboxes can be custom configured to accommodate various resident box sizes as well as parcel lockers and outgoing mail drop boxes.

Vertical Apartment Mailboxes

Standard USPS Vertical MailboxesVertical mailboxes are less common today but still often used in smaller multi-unit apartment and condo complexes.

Vertical apartment mailboxes by Auth Florence Manufacturing are very secure and feature tamper resistant master doors with strong compartment locks. They can be mounted in three ways; recessed, semi-recessed or surface mounted.

Ask Us About Auth Florence Apartment Mailboxes

Talk to our mailbox professionals for help with selecting what you need from the different available styles and models of apartment and multi-tenant Mailboxes.
We can help you find the right apartment mailbox system for your project regardless of number of tenant mailboxes you need or the mounting or mail distribution method you require.

For more information about our line of Auth Florence apartment mailboxes Contact Mailbox Works or call us toll free at 1-800-824-9985.

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