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Hentzi Copper Locking Rugged Post Mount Mailboxes

  • Drawn to perfection, these hand embossed and polished copper plates are mounted on heavy gauge reinforced metal boxes which are virtually indestructible
  • Now you no longer need to worry about damage from snowplows or baseball bats with the Hentzi Rugged Copper Decorative Mailbox, shown with Dragonfly & Wheat design
  • In these high security mailboxes your mail will be safe from scoundrels
  • Hidden inside these artistic copper mailboxes is a second door that has a slot and a lock
  • Once your mail is put through the slot it remains safe behind a locked door
  • The Numbers design allows you to put your address on both sides of the mailbox
  • Need a post for your new mailbox? Check out our decorative universal mailbox posts
  • All products on this page are custom made and therefore are not returnable
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Available Designs
Hentzi Large Mouth Bass Lily Pads
Large Mouth Bass & Lily Pads
Hentzi Copper Rugged Mailboxes Big Buck
Big Buck
Hentzi Copper Mailboxes Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron
Hentzi Copper Mailboxes Brook Trout Streamer
Brook Trout & Streamer
Hentzi Copper Mailboxes Classic Chickadees Pine
Classic Chickadees & Pine
Hentzi Copper Rugged Mailboxes Classic Cardinals
Classic Cardinals
Hentzi Copper Rugged Mailboxes Classic Hummingbirds
Classic Hummingbirds
Hentzi Copper Rugged Mailboxes Dragonfly Bamboo
Dragonfly & Bamboo
Hentzi Copper Rugged Mailboxes Dragonfly Wheat
Dragonfly & Wheat
Hentzi Copper Rugged Mailboxes Jumper
Hentzi Copper Rugged Mailboxes Lighthouse
Hentzi Copper Mailboxes Old Mountain Buck
Old Mountain Buck
Hentzi Copper Rugged Mailboxes Numbers
Hentzi Copper Mailboxes Norway Pine Cones
Norway Pine & Cones
Hentzi Copper Rugged Mailboxes Pine Trees
Pine Trees
Hentzi Copper Rugged Mailboxes Summer Butterflies
Summer Butterflies
Locking Security Feature
Hentzi Rugged Mailboxes Locking Security Feature
Hentzi Rugged Mailboxes Locking Security Feature
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Mailbox Details
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  • Mailbox
  • Lock with 2 Keys
Locking Mailbox Locking Mailbox
  • 11"H x 10-1/2"W x 21"D
  • 20 lbs.
  • Hentzi Copper Designs
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