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Private Distribution Horizontal Mailboxes for Sale

Private mailboxes or more specifically private use horizontal mailboxes are designed for private mail distribution service where someone other than a USPS employee will deliver the mail. With a recessed design, these non-USPS horizontal Commercial Mailboxes offer the highest level of mail security and feature concealed hinges and tamper resistant master doors.

Private Mailbox Applications

Centralized private mailboxes differ from USPS horizontal mailboxes in that private use mailboxes come with a pre-installed private mail delivery master lock, whereas the postal version have only been prepped to receive a US postal lock, which the Postal Service would then install.

There are two kinds of horizontal mailboxesto be used for private mail distribution and storage:

  • Front Loading Horizontal Private Mailboxes
  • Rear Loading Horizontal Private Mailboxes

Both loading options are popular and depend on your space and application.

Contact MailboxWorks Toll Free at 1-800-824-9985 and let us help you determine if a front loading or rear loading horizontal private mailbox is a better fit for your private mail delivery use.

Private Mailboxes for Residential and Commercial Use

Private horizontal mailboxes are ideal for residential, commercial and industrial buildings where mail delivery is managed by a mail room manager, including:

  • Apartment and Condo Buildings
  • Commercial and Industrial Developments
  • Military and Other Government Facilities
  • University and College Dorms
  • Hospitals and Medical Offices
  • And Any Facility with Private Mail Room Delivery

Recessed Horizontal Private Mailboxes –
Designed for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Both Horizontal and 4C Horizontal private mailboxes by Florence Manufacturing are designed for recessed indoor and outdoor installation.

Concealed hinges and tamper proof master doors plus USPS grade aluminum (horizontal) or stainless steel (4C horizontal) construction makes these private mailboxes highly resistant to mail theft, vandalism and unfavorable weather conditions.

  • For non-4C horizontal private mailboxes, choose model 1600 front loading or model 1700 rear loading with A, B, C, D, E or F sized doors
  • For 4C horizontal mailboxes by Auth Florence, choose from Suite A through I sized doors in a variety of configurations

Not sure which mailbox doors you need? Contact MailboxWorks directly at 1-800-824-9985 for information about ordering either one of these horizontal mailboxes in a mixed door module.

Don't forget to buy private storage lockers, collection and drop boxes plus recycling and trash bins to accompany horizontal private mailbox installations!

MailboxWorks – Trusted Commercial Horizontal Mailbox Suppliers

At The MailboxWorks we take pride in offering our customers the best online prices while maintaining the largest selection of USPS horizontal mailboxes and private mailboxes, plus other commercial and residential mailboxes. You'll be pleased to find that our customer service is next to none!

For additional information regarding horizontal private mailboxes designed for private mail distribution or for assistance with mailbox layout or in ordering mailboxes online, please:

Call Toll Free: 1-800-824-9985

Email: Private Mailboxes Sales

Contact: Mailbox Experts

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