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Commercial Cell & Mobile Phone Locker Storage Units

MailboxWorks secure cell phone lockers are lockable mobile phone storage cabinets, ideal for use in government buildings, office buildings, military facilities, sports and other public and private buildings. Similar in design to Commercial Mailboxes, these multiple mobile phone storage units are perfect for securing cell phones, keys, cameras and other small items.

Commercial Cell Phone Locker Applications

These mini cell phone storage units are miniature versions of our secure commercial mailboxes and are designed to safely store away small personal belongings in public and private settings. Cell phone locker options include:

"A" Door Cell Phone Lockers

Florence Manufacturing cell phone lockers with "A" doors are 4" wide and 5" high and are referred to as a standard size door. These wall mount mini storage lockers are available in a variety of dimensions to accommodate facilities of all sizes.

"C" Door Cell Phone Lockers

The "C" door on Auth Florence Manufacturing cell phone lockers features a larger sized door, measuring 8" wide and 5" high. These units with larger compartments accommodate multiple mobile phone storage.

Pedestal Cell Phone Locker Options

Shop online for 8 door, 12 door or 16 door pedestal cell phone storage lockers for either indoor or outdoor use in office buildings and government facilities. These locking cell phone storage units give your employees and patrons a way to safely lock away phones, electronic devices, keys and other small personal items.

Get help with a Cell Phone Storage Locker Quote to order mixed door sizes for both single and multiple cell phone storage in one module.

Master Access with Front and Rear Loading Doors

Managers and owners can get easy access to all the cell phone lockers through the optional master door on front-loading cell phone storage units. The rear units can be accessed through optional lift off rear cover, hinged rear cover or no cover.

Cell Phone Locker Accessories & Wall Mount Options

These mini storage lockers designed for cell phones can be fully customized to meet the mobile phone storage needs of any environment.

Special add-ons may include:

  • Standard cam locks with combination locks
  • Hasps for padlocks
  • User specific combination locks
  • Plus name, mail slots or tip slots

Ask MailboxWorks About Cell Phone Storage Solutions

If you looking for a solution for residents, employees or patrons to safely secure and store their cell phones and other small valuables, our experts at MailboxWorks Mailboxes can help!

Get expert advice and cell phone locker storage layout assistance by phone or through live online support:

Call Toll Free: 1-800-824-9985

Email: Cell Phone Locker Assistance

Contact: MailboxWorks Mailbox Experts

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