Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Every gift giver looks for it — surprise and glee when their gift is opened.  That beaming “wow” reaction is the best reward for all the time and effort you put into finding the perfect gift.

The holiday season seems to be the time when we forget the past, we forget the future and we focus on the present. And that focus can be a “on stage event” when it comes to opening the box — everyone in your family or friend group is watching the gift be opened … wondering, “Is this another ‘re-gift’ or truly something special?”

That’s a lot of pressure.

How can you give the right gift this holiday season?  We all know how it feels when we found the right gift?  But finding it can really be a challenge.  So here’s what to look for:

First, a great holiday gift says, “You’re on my list.” While this may seem to be a given, the reality is that every gift we give or get shouts “exclusivity” – it may not be an exclusive gift but if you got the gift, you are on an exclusive list.  Not everyone gets a gift – you have to “make the list.”   You might want to make Oprah’s list or Bill Gate’s list but you didn’t.  You made mine.  Oprah and Bill didn’t think of you. But I did. You’re on my list.

Second, a great holiday gift says, “I focused on you.” I gave up valuable time looking all over the web and the mall, driving circles in the parking lot looking for a space … for you. I gave up hard earned money. I took what I had and exchanged it for your gift.

Finally, a great holiday gift says something about the giver and the getter.  It says, “I thought about you. I know you.”

To help you find the perfect gift, grab your holiday gift list of people you want to “wow” and consider these unique holiday gift ideas about mailboxes and address plaques to help get you started:

Luxury Holiday Gift Ideas ($100 and up)

Golf Bag Novelty Mailbox

The Rivers Edge Golf Bag mailbox is perfect for any golfer.

Whitehall Oakleaf Arch Illuminator Address Plaque

The Oakleaf Arch Illuminator Address Plaque clearly displays your address at night.

Hentzi Copper Locking Rugged Post Mount Mailboxes

The Hentzi Copper Locking Rugged Post Mount Mailboxes are drawn to perfection and then hand embossed and mounted.

Good Directions Attack Eagle Weathervane

This Attack Eagle Weathervane is a distinctive, enchanting, and memorable crown for any building.

Whitehall Wall Mount Mailbox

The Whitehall wall mount mailbox is made from durable cast aluminum making this mailbox rust free and possibly the last mailbox you’ll buy.

Stunning Holiday Gift Ideas ($79-$99)

Fire Engine Mailbox

More Than A Mailbox’s Fire Engine novelty mailbox is perfect for the fire truck lover.

Edgewood Large Lighted Address Plaque

The Edgewood large lighted address plaque, shown in antique copper, will give your home the mark of distinction.

Golf Bag Mailbox

More Than A Mailbox’s Golf Bag novelty mailbox is perfect for the golf lover.

Good Directions Bluebell With 18 Cups Rain Chain

This Bluebell With 18 Cups Rain Chain, shown in Polished Copper, is an attractive alternative to gutter downspouts.

Leaf Stone Address Column

These Leaf Stone Address Column come in a buckskin color and have a level cut bottom for easy mounting in your yard.

Unique Holiday Gift Ideas (under $79)

Stone Mill Clover Oval Slate Address Plaque

These Stone Mill Clover Oval Slate Address Plaques are made of newly quarried slate from the United States.

DeCoir Charleston Name Door Mat

The DeCoir Charleston Name Door Mat is carefully designed to retain its original quality and appearance.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Willie G Skull Plaque

The HARLEY-DAVIDSON Willie G Skull design has a 3-dimensional construction.

Good Directions Dragonfly Garden Stake

This whimsical Dragonfly Garden Stake never fails to make people feel good.

Dark Bronze House Numbers and Letters

Spark up the curb appeal of your home with these HouseArt dark bronze contemporary house numbers and letters.


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